April 4-6, 2017


Many think that being a photographer means living as a starving artist, running a business as a labour of love – having lots of fun but earning very little. We shoot what we love, produce incredible images for our clients but many of us struggle to earn the income we want – or deserve.

CPC has the solutions to overcoming these challenges. We have carefully assembled a well-balanced menu of exciting conferences, workshops, coaching and online education– enough to satisfy any appetite. We have built a community of photographers that are burning the “starving artist” stereotype and we are eager to share this knowledge with you.

Our content is more than inspiring; it’s actionable. CPC blends valuable photography business education, in a fun and sociable environment, providing solid and proven advice to help you realize your best opportunities and earning potential. We enable photographers to pursue their dreams by arming them with the knowledge they need to earn more than just a healthy living.

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