1. #ask_cpc: Fer Juaristi

On this episode Fer Juaristi answers the question, “you blog images from weddings out of order, which is against the grain of most of the industry. Is there a specific reason you do this or is it just because it feels right? Do you think it changes to way clients ‘feel’ you, with more impact for each image, or do you think it’s irrelevant to your presence/brand/insert term here?” and also, “The creative portraits you post to your website make it seem effortless on the clients part. I can’t image you always work with clients that can relax and be open to your creative direction… How do you encourage or coach the “reserved couples” into these beautiful poses?”

Fer Juaristi launches our very first episode. Fer Juaristi is an internationally recognized wedding photographer based in Mexico. You can follow Fer on twitter @ferjuaristi or checkout his website at

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