12. #ASK_CPC: Nordica

Nordica Photography is an international wedding photography company founded in Vancouver and serving weddings worldwide. Together, Cole & Jakob have built a very successful wedding photography studio.

In this episode they answer the question, “When you decided to take the leap and start Nordica full-time, what were the hardest obstacles in getting your name out for people to find you and appreciate your style? What did you do to overcome those obstacles?”

You can checkout Nordica on twitter @nordicaphoto or on their website http://www.nordicaphotography.com

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Jakob: Hello, I am Jacob.

Cole: And I’m Cole.

Jakob: And we’re Nordica Photography. We’re wedding photographers based out of Vancouver Canada, and Stockholm Sweden.

Cole: Today we’re going to answer a question that was posted on the Canada Photo Convention Facebook page, by a guy named James. But before we get to that, we will just give you a brief background about who we are. We started the business together out of Vancouver in 2009 when Jakob came to Vancouver from Europe. We went to school together in a place called Ume

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