#12. #ASK_CPC: The Last Forty Percent Photography

The Last Forty Percent is a wedding and boudoir photography studio based in London, Ontario. Together, Ewan and Brianna Phelan serve local and international weddings and have built a very successful boudoir photography studio.

In this episode they answer the question, “How do you make a first time model for a boudoir shoot comfy when she is a nervous wreck?”

You can checkout The Last Forty Percent on twitter @EwanPhelan or on their website http://www.lastfortypercentboudoir.com Instagram: @lastfortypercentboudoir

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Brianna Phelan: Hi, everyone. We are Ewan and Brianna Phelan from The Last Forty Percent Photography. We specialize in boudoir and weddings. We are international photographers, but our studio is based out of London, Canada.

Ewan Phelan: We just wanted to thank Jasser for asking us to do this podcast for the Canada Photo Convention. Our question was from Razz who asked, “How do you make a first-time model for a boudoir shoot comfy when she is a nervous wreck?”

Brianna Phelan: We actually try and start to make clients feel comfortable right from that initial interaction. When they send that first email or phone call, we try giving them as much information as we can right off the bat. We tell them a little bit about our style and how we work to help get them relaxed and we invite them to actually come into the studio. This way, we can talk about what they’re nervous about.

A lot of our clients are mothers who are doing this after they’re done having their kids, and want to find that sexy feeling inside of them again. It’s nice to be able to talk to them in person about what they’re insecure about, and it’s most often things like,

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