9 photographers we love following on instagram and why you will too!

#1. fearlessphotographercom

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years you probably know that The Fearless Photographers is a resource and community that showcases the most creative work our generation has seen. What you may not know is that their instagram feed also posts “help-wanted” leads.


#2 Davinakudish +

#3. Danielkudish.

At CPC we’ve long loved the photos that come from our Canadian sweethearts D&D. They run an account that features their professional work which you can find HERE but what we really enjoy are their personal feeds.  True shutterbugs, a browse through D&D’s instagram feels like flipping through a travel magazine.  We can really feel their style permeating into these images.


#4. Benchrisman

The words dazzling and innovative come to mind as I glance through Ben’s instagram feed.  Forever innovating and improving their art, Ben & Erin are the avant-garde of wedding photography.  This instagram feed carries forward their style into social networking and inspires us to keep creating images.



#5. kuperberg

Anna Kuperberg’s photography is playful and inquisitive and her instagram feed shows us the beauty in simplicity.  Most of us are suckers for tender moments with those we love but Kuperberg has a way of showing us just how dear to our hearts those gestures can be. It’s clear to us that Anna can see world with heartfelt eyes.

#6. niravphotography

Nirav’s instagram reminds us why most of us become photographers in the first place: to document the beautiful world around us.  Nirav does that and drops a few jaws along the way. His photography feels polished yet not rigid.  It’s a difficult balance to achieve but Nirav has this down packed.


#7. gabemcclintock

There’s nobody that does portraits like Gabe. His images are as composed as they are romantic. Like any pro’s instagram it has a healthy mix of professional work and family life

#8. ferjuaristi

#VISBONS galore fill Fer’s instagram feed. His photography is in a league of it’s own and his instagram gives you a peek-a-boo into Fer’s vision.

#9. erwindarmali

Erwin’s instagram pics are as dynamic and vibrant as his professional work. That’s what’s really fun about viewing these feeds. You can really get a sense of how a photographer’s style carries over from their portfolio into these images.


Who do you follow on instagram for your dose of eye-candy?  We’d love to hear from you.  Put your favourite instagram feed in the comments below.  We might feature them in a future issue.



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