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Kelowna-based wedding photographers, Chris and Elisha Stewart (Abby Photography) took the time to answer some questions about their photographer mentoring program. Their outstanding wedding photos have won countless awards and attention through Fearless photographers, Junebug weddings, and many other well known wedding organizations. 

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Chris and Elisha, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions! First off, what made you decide to start a mentoring program?

Constant mentoring has been the number one key to our success. For the past three years straight, we have sought out photographers who were strong in our areas of weakness and could help us improve our photography. Over the years we have covered many aspects including use of light, wedding and portfolio critiques, marketing, and photojournalism.

We have wanted to offer mentoring for a while. In the last few months we’ve had several photographers approach us about mentoring both in a workshop and one-on-one setting, so since inquiries were already coming in organically, it was a good time to launch Abby Photography Workshops and Mentoring.

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That’s amazing! What does working together as a husband and wife team do to motivate you?

A photography partner of any sort helps in finding great locations, sharing ideas, and pushing you to work hard on a wedding day. However, the most motivation comes from having someone who sees your behind the scenes photography work, encourages you to be better, and helps you create the photos you envision.

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What currently inspires your work?

We prefer to look outside of the wedding photography world for inspiration. Lately, we’ve been enjoying the work of Steve McCurry and Sam Abell.

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You live in such an incredible province, tell us about how your surroundings inspire you!

We feel very lucky to be based in British Columbia and our work is strongly influenced by the surrounding landscapes. We try to incorporate the lake, orchards, and vineyards often in our formals since it’s the reason most of our couples choose to get married in the Okanagan. Its actually a topic we’ll be addressing in the workshop, how to make your subjects stand out in a vast landscape scene.

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Who will benefit from your mentoring program?

People who wish to take their photography to the next level and are open to learning. We can help by offering a fresh perspective on a photographer’s portfolio, seeing which areas can use improvement, providing steps on how to improve, and advice to make the images even better.

Through mentoring we give you the tools to make your work stand out from the crowd. You will learn how to see light in a new way, take images from creative vantage points, and how to use your camera in order to produce the results you envision. During these sessions, our attention is all yours. We hold no secrets as we focus on teaching you how to create impactful, creative, and dynamic photography.

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Let us know the details of your mentoring program! 

We offer three programs ranging from a single mentoring session to a one year mentorship. Topics covered in our programs include lessons, portfolio review, session critiques, photography exercises, and lighting (both available and off camera).

For more information and to register go to

Thank you so much Chris and Elisha! We look forward to seeing your beautiful photos this upcoming wedding season!

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Ways to connect with Abby Photography:

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Written by Jeninfer Moher

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