Albumdraft is Effortless

by Twyla Lapointe, Partner Specialist at CPC

I need to share something I’ve found that’s truly groundbreaking – an effortless album presentation software that will make your life easier as a pro photographer.

The first time I used AlbumDraft, I set aside some extra time in my day, figuring I would have to learn some kind of complicated back end kung fu and anticipating problems. I remember making sure I had about two hours, just in case. Less than ten minutes later, I found myself nodding at my screen in that kind of surprised look that you reserve for things that you were expecting to go wrong that went right instead.

It was absolutely effortless. I uploaded my exported preview images in full width – AlbumDraft generates the fold line and shows the album with that nifty flip animation that takes a digital book into reality and helps clients imagine the album in their hands.

Albumdraft proofing works on mobile, too.

It’s completely intuitive, with both click to turn features and arrows at the bottom of the page. I added notes for the client – you can add anything, but in my case it was about images I added or removed from their requests, since I now take a client’s custom album order using the Shootproof Favourite feature – they favourite the images I want in the album and then I adjust their choices if necessary, though I use album building software, so it rarely is. Finally, I rooted about for a split second to find the link to what the client would see and previewed it. Honestly, the fact that it took me a second to locate a couple of important things is the only critical thing I can say, and it’s barely an issue – I mean, it took me seconds to find things, so it’s just a little quibble. It works great on mobile, too, with swiping functionality for page turning.

Probably the best thing about it is that I don’t have to be afraid of clients with very little tech savvy – it’s as easy as opening up a webpage that loads pretty much instantly and clicking on any part of the album they want to leave a comment on – and it will leave that comment exactly where they put it. No more describing which image and where it is – just clicking on the image they’re thinking about and saying what change they want made.

Before I found AlbumDraft, I sent people PDFs or made galleries. The biggest problem was that the burden was on them to communicate about their needs. I tried phone calls, meetings – nothing was really working until this simple solution changed it all.It's easy to reorder images in Albumdraft.

It was so beautiful and simple, I couldn’t believe it. Not to mention the fact that I didn’t even have to sell my soul to sign up, either. It’s the perfect solution for photographers like me who create only a few albums a year – you can just use their Pay-Per-Album, which as I write this is priced at just $9 USD – plus, your first album is free – with no impact to your experience or your client – they’ll never know you don’t use it every day. If you’re a heavier user than me, their other packages won’t break the bank either – if you only build albums in the off season you could purchase their 6 month package. You’ll save hours on the back and forth.

Here’s a fancy page flip of one of the wedding albums I proofed on AlbumDraft

What it looks like when the page flips.

AlbumDraft is an online partner of the Canada Photo Convention, and as the Partner Liaison and second-in-command of the conference, I’m always so excited when we can find something of value to tell you about. AlbumDraft is a great solution to album proofing for your clients. Start your new album proofing experience today.

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AlbumDraft is a proud partner of CPC.
This endorsement was provided after the product was given as a free sample,
and the reviewer has used the product for 5 albums over 6 months.

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