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My interview started in its usual fashion…What is Fearless Photographers and why was it started?  The answer I received surprised me a little bit because of the contrast between the perception of what Fearless is/means to the photography community vs. why Huy and his wife Joy actually began this business.  So take a break from editing and checkout what Fearless Photographers can do for you!


What is Fearless Photographers and why was it started?
A popular belief is that the directory Fearless Photographers was started just for photographers to compete and showcase their work on an international stage.  However, its main purpose is to be a service to couples by helping them find the BEST photographers in the world for their weddings.  We advertise to couples who are, let’s face it, inundated with numerous directories, listings and blogs with little to no guidance. Fearless Photographers sorts through the information overload that couples face and guide them to the top photographers in their region.  A residual effect of the Fearless directory is that while helping couples with difficult decisions of selecting their wedding photographers, it provided more exposure for photographers to a worldwide audience.  It also gives photographers a sense of community and bonding.
How does Fearless Photographers work?   Well, we don’t believe in excluding anyone, but any photographer listed must have a professional wedding photography working website.  We believe that every photographer should be given an opportunity to compete to be ranked at the top of his/her location and be seen by couples. Where a photographer is listed in they location is actually up to the photographer. Only their craft will get them to the top of this list to be more visible by potential clients. Meaning, they can’t pay to be listed first. It’s simply the photographer’s work that is rewarded and will allow for the top rank on this listing and along with it, give him/her creditability with brides and clients alike. Simply put, Fearless Photographers, unlike other directory sites, is focused on promoting photographers who have proven that they are the best – through Fearless Awards – so potential clients can search for their perfect photographer with confidence.
How long you’ve been operating for?  About 4 years ago, we started it the Fearless Photographers directory because there wasn’t a site that curated its content through competition. Fearless provides a curation of photographers and their work for the bride or client to view so she/he doesn’t lose  interest.  What’s unique about it [Fearless Photographers] is it provides a constant flow of fresh content on a directory, which keeps visitors interested.
Do you operate the business yourselves or are there other members? 
Fearless Photographers is a family-owned private corporation operated by my wife Joy and I.
Please describe what it means and what it takes to be a fearless photographer?
Fearless Photographers dares you to be different…and requires that all those who enter to get over the fear to be different. What a photographer really has to overcome is the fear of rejection  and  not taking the “norm” shot, or the fear that you can’t do it.  Above all, those who enter, have to overcome the fear of failing…Fearless asks the photographer to push past those fears to make better pictures. As photographers and creators of our craft, we owe this to ourselves and in our lives.  Don’t fear the consequences of putting your work out there to be judge and reviewed.  Yes, the competition is fierce, but it can be a source of inspiration and motivation that photographers can use to overcome and thaw that fear that has long kept many frozen at their current level.


Why should photographers enter images to be considered for Fearless Awards?
Photographers should want to earn Fearless Awards for higher placement in the listing for their location in the directory.  Photographers listed at the top are seen first by potential clients.  Also, Fearless Awards can be used by photographers to market themselves to increase visibility and recognition through social media and on their websites. We work hard to promote our members and give the bride a stress free experience in their search for wedding photographers.  Plus, winning feels goooooood!
What can you do to win an award? Any tips for photographers considering joining the ranks of the best photographers in the world, a.k.a. Fearless?
Hone your skills to make photographs that are distinctive with amazing light, awesome composition and a fantastic moment. Also, be open to hearing criticism. Criticism can be tough to take in, but so much knowledge and insights can be gained.  And don’t give up! Sure, it can be frustrating and disappointing not to be selected for a Fearless Award but use that to motivate you to up your game.  Invest in education for yourself through workshops! It’s a source of personal growth  that many photographers forget to nurture.  Education is very important and necessary in maintaining growth.

2014-04-30_23562014-04-30_2358Do you feel Fearless can provide an education that one can’t buy?   Our Fearless Conferences – we’ve had 2 in Europe so far – are definitely a way for photographers to benefit their education. Its a great conference for photographers to get feedback and to know that regardless of location and circumstance they too can compete for amazing weddings and clients.  It truly is a place where any photographer can find support from others and unlock the strengths within themselves Check us out Fearless wants to motivate photographers to work harder and produce work that is different and beautiful.  Photographers end up striving to better themselves and seem to grow in the work they produce.2014-05-01_00012014-04-30_23592014-05-01_0004

Can feedback on submissions that were close to being selected be requested?
Not at this time, but we are hoping to introduce some ways for our members to receive feedback and critiques of their images in the future.
Anything else you would like to mention?
Right now we are working on a feature for our members to add verifiable reviews from their clients to their profiles.
If you’d like to learn more about the Fearless Photographers and join over 200 Canadian Members that enter the competition go to



written by Winnipeg wedding photographer Esther Kelly. 

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