Anderson Lima – Canadian Top 30 Wedding Photographer


Anderson Lima is one of our Top 30 under 30 featured photographers.

Here’s a little bit more about him, what he does, and some of his best advice:


Tell us how you got started in photography.
I started in the field of photography in 2011. My wife was pregnant and we were looking for a professional photographer to do our pregnancy photos. After searching for the photographer service prices, I realized that I could buy a professional camera with the money I would invest in a photo session done by a professional photographer.


Once I had bought a camera, I started studying photography, compositions, and semiotics. Soon after, I started seeing very nice and interesting results as some friends and acquaintances started requesting photo sessions.


Regarding the wedding work, my first one was done in 2012 and I just fell in love with it! The perfect formula for me to do what I love is to perform my photo sessions in an environment that favored the possibilities of creating artistic images of a significant day.


Now that you are one of Canada’s top 30 under 30 wedding photographers, what’s next for you?
My next objective is to be recognized in the field. Actually, this dream has started to become true as I have become a member of a series of associations of wedding photographers, such as WPJA and Fearless. Also, I won my first award last year (2014), the year I started working by myself in the field. In addition, I want to expand my wedding work by doing photo sessions in different places and in different cultures. In fact, I have started accomplishing this last year by doing weddings in the EUA, in Brazil and in Canada.


How has attending photography seminars or photo conventions such as the Canada Photo Convention benefited you as a photographer?
Among several benefits, I would say that the knowledge you acquire from learning about other experiences from experienced photographers is one of the most important benefits a new photographer could get.


What does it mean to you personally to be a young wedding photographer in Canada?
It means a lot to me. Firstly, I was born in Brazil and I have been living here for 9 years now, and therefore it is definitely a big challenge to compete with native photographers in the field. Secondly, the French and English languages will be always something to improve, a task that definitely becomes more challenging when you speak several languages like I do (Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French).


Tell us about a pinch-me moment that you had where you just couldn’t believe that this became your life.
I think that the pinch-me moment I had was when I found myself at home having more time with my family. Before engaging in the field of photography, I was working as a designer for a company, which was very stressful since the environment was fully based on pressure and results. Now I work from home and that brings me several benefits such as seeing my son grow and spending some good and valuable time with my wife! That is just fantastic!


What’s one thing you would say to another photographer that’s just getting started?
STUDY A LOT!! Look for good references, become a member of photography associations, participate in workshops, work as assistant photographers, read several specialized books, watch photography movies on YouTube! If you do this, you will certainly be a good photographer.



To see more of Anderson’s work, check out his website here.

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