Annuj Yoganathan – Canadian Top 30 Wedding Photographer


Annuj Yoganathan is one of our Top 30 under 30 featured photographers.

Here’s a little bit more about him, what he does, and some of his best advice:


Tell us how you got started in photography.
My father was and is still a videographer so I would definitely say that helped steer me towards photography. I was an accountant for around 5 years and one summer I decided to follow my passion and never really looked back since. I can without a doubt say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Now that you are one of Canada’s top 30 under 30 wedding photographers, what’s next for you?
I think one can never stop learning, and that goes for any profession. Photography is always changing and evolving; there’s always room for improvement. Going forward I want to do exactly that: learn, change and evolve as a photographer. It’s the only way to stay relevant in this industry and consistently bring out the best in your work as well as yourself.


How has attending photography seminars or photo conventions such as the Canada Photo Convention benefited you as a photographer?
They’ve been extremely beneficial. I will be attending WPPI this year and I’ve attended workshops by world renowned wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis. These workshops not only provide technical and hands on knowledge, they allow you to network with other great photographers in the city as well as around the world.


What does it mean to you personally to be a young wedding photographer in Canada?
We’re privileged to live in a country where we can become whomever we want to be; where all the resources you need are readily available. Not only am I proud to be a young wedding photographer in Canada, but I am also a proud young Canadian photographer. When traveling the world it’s become evident to me that Canada has a strong reputation of producing high quality wedding photographers. This strikes me as no surprise as I’ve met and worked alongside many talented photographers myself, and am humbled to be a small part of this pool.


Tell us about a pinch-me moment that you had where you just couldn’t believe that this became your life.
I would have to say this moment for me happened at the first shoot my wife and I set up. We wanted to get our foot in the door so we set up a themed engagement shoot with a couple of friends from University. During the shoot I had that moment where I knew this was it. It was more than just a “pinch-me” moment where I couldn’t believe this became my life but more of a moment where I realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


What’s one thing you would say to another photographer that’s just getting started?
If I had to say one thing to another photographer getting started it would be to practice as much as possible. It’s something so simple that many people tend to forget how important it is. When I first started I shot anything I could for friends and family so I could get familiar with my gear as well as different possible scenarios. Being a wedding photographer, you have to constantly think on your feet and make quick decisions – practicing photography is one of the most important ways to develop that invaluable fast reaction time.





To see more of Annuj’s work, check out his website here.

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