Brian Van Wyk is a wedding photographers from Victoria, BC.

You can checkout Brian on his website http://www.brianvanwykphotography.com

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Brian: Hi, guys. My name is Brian Van Wyk. I am here to answer a question for the Canada Photo Convention Video Podcast Series. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s a series where photographers are highlighted each week and people submit questions for us to answer and here I am, answering the question in a video podcast for the convention. The convention is a wonderful event that happened each year in Vancouver. I’ve been to the last two years and I had an incredible time this year. I had a wonderful opportunity to talk and speak at one of these. It was a major honor and one of the best two or three days of my life, career, everything. I got to meet a lot of my heroes, my idols and make a lot of really good friends. I suggest, especially if you’re a going photographer to come check it out.

There are a lot of different view points in each photographer and you already learn what are the most important lessons and that is that there is not a single route to take to become a successful wedding photographer. There are multiple different routes that you could take. There’s just one right route for you and you can exhaust all of this information from a different photographers to create what’s going to work for you. The question that I have to answer today is from Blake [Loads 00:01:42], otherwise known as Sexy Blake. That’s how I

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