Caroline + Ben Austin Wedding Photographers

Caroline + Ben are Austin wedding photographers.

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Speaker 1: Hey everyone!

Speaker 2: We’re Caroline plus Ben photography.

Speaker 1: We’re so excited that Yasir asked us to be a part of the Canada Photo Convention Podcast and we’re coming to you from beautiful Puerto Rico today.

Speaker 2: And I went surfing. Some of the questions that we were asked, a lot of them had to do predominately with our business and how we evolved from being two separate entities to one business. I would say that we definitely made a lot of changes in our rebranding. Not only with the kind of images that we post but also having two separate portfolios now, there and (inaudible 00:53) to see a photographer. We have categories that signify the Caroline or Ben weddings and the Caroline plus Ben weddings.

Speaker 1: Plus, we thought it was really important to have each photo be attributed to the photographer so people coming to our site know exactly who took that and with the addition of our associate photographer, Eric, we’ve also added his name on there as well and he has his own portfolio.

Speaker 2: I don’t remember.

Speaker 1: Yeah, just cut a part.

Speaker 2: It was also really important for us to say Caroline plus Ben photography coming from Sweet Caroline photo and Ben Watkins photography so people knew who we were immediately during the transition.

Speaker 1: So it wasn’t as confusing for people that might have booked us in the past, it was easy to remember that it was Caroline and Ben.

Speaker 2: Yes, and that’s been really successful for us. We sent out a giant email to all of our former clients and all of our planners and vendors that we work with hopefully and the transition was actually surprisingly smooth.

Speaker 1: And now we offer packages. You can book either one of us with a second photographer because we always include a second photographer or you can get both of us in a package. Nowadays, we’re doing a lot more destination weddings so Caroline and I shoot together on those destination weddings.

Another related question was about how we work together as a team and the husband, wife business and how do you not kill each other on a wedding day or just running a business and being on the same side.

Speaker 2: Basically there are moments that we want to but communication obviously really, really important in this factor but I have to say that we’ve spent, from the beginning of our relationship, a lot of time together so that kind of helped us from the very beginning.

Speaker 1: Yeah, and it’s also kind of important to have your business set up in a way that when you make decisions that

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