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If you haven’t yet heard about Code & Hustle and the awesome software they develop for photographers, then it’s time to listen up. I’ve been a fan of their Storyboard software for a few years now–for me, it changed blogging from a painful and avoided event into something quicker, easier, and a little more joyful. And, it cut my time spent in front of the computer for blogging (developing a hunchback, I’m sure) by more than half. For over  a year now, they’ve been working on something bigger & badder: Storyboard 3. It’s finally finished and ready for download–ready to transform you into a blogging superhero.As they polished up the last lines of code for Storyboard 3, we were able to have a quick chat with Sean from Code & Hustle to learn more about their story and why their newest release is something to get excited about.

Who is Code & Hustle?

Sean McGrath (Code) and David MacVicar (Hustle). Both wedding photographers on the East Coast of Canada. Sean is from Saint John, NB and David is from Cape Breton, NS.

How did Code & Hustle get started?

We pretty much started when David convinced me that this Photoshop script that I had written to automate my blog layouts could help a lot of people save time.  He immediately saw the value in it and convinced me to polish it up for public release. Our first product, Storyboard, was born.

Can you describe your current products and what is awesome about them?

Storyboard – Our flagship and most popular product. It’s a powerful tool for preparing your images for blogging. It’s aimed at professionals looking for the fastest workflow, best image quality, clean layouts and ways to help their business (SEO features).

Batch+ – Next-level batching for Photoshop. Definitely the most sophisticated batching tool for professionals out there that can fit into their workflows in a number ways. I think it’s hard for people to wrap their head around all the possible scenarios Batch+ can help with, but it’s been incredible to see what some of our users have been able to do with it. Personally, it’s a massive time saver for me.

Tell us about your newest software release–what can photographers expect from Storyboard 3?

Storyboard 3 was over a year in the making and it’s our biggest release yet. We’ve rewritten and refactored almost all of the code and more than quadrupled the number of lines that make up the script.

Our goal was simple: Make Storyboard easier to use, and make it a powerful tool for every blogger, not just those who want to put images side by side. So whether you blog like Fer Juaristi or always post single full width images one after another, Storyboard now has features for you (culling, sorting, tagging for SEO, and more).
Some of the highlight features are:

Storyboard Designer – A whole new way to Storyboard. Visually craft your blog post in a web browser. Cull, reorder, combine, sort.

SEO add-on – Quickly set ALT tag descriptions and file names as you build your blog post. The quickest and easiest way to make your images search engine optimized.

Storyboard Droplet (Mac only) – A new way to build Storyboards from apps outside of Photoshop. Drag and drop from apps such as Lightroom, Photo Mechanic, and Finder.

The rest of the new features can be read about here.

How do you see Storyboard helping photographers?

There are a number of aspects of the blogging workflow that Storyboard helps to speed up / improve.

  • Resizing of images
  • Combining images together
  • Culling images from a blog post (with Storyboard Designer)
  • Ordering / rearranging images for optimal impact (with Storyboard Designer)
  • Tagging images and renaming files for SEO (with our SEO Add-on)

The goal of Storyboard is to make it quick and easy to prepare your blog posts, but beyond that we want it to help photographers build BETTER blog posts. We want photographers to build the strongest blogs possible, and we help them accomplish that by providing simple layouts that don’t distract from the photography, methods of culling the less important photos from a post, and a visual way to change the order of your images to tell the best story.

What’s next for Code & Hustle?

We definitely want to continue to make life easier for photographers, while allowing them to step up their final product and/or business at the same time. We’ll continue updating and improving our Photoshop scripts, but in terms of new product ideas we are looking to branch away from Photoshop and develop some web apps.



Article by Sarah Nickerson.



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