CPC Insider #1 part 2

Giving away something for free is a powerful way to get people to take action now.  It gives people an easy way to see what you have to offer and it gets them to take action now, without hesitation.

I recently started a new diet where I get all my meals made for me by a company in Edmonton called Fresh Fit Foods.  The meals are all designed by a nutritionist and they’re created to give me balanced nutrition and 1600 calories each day.  None of the meals have preservatives so I have to pick them up every two days.

Their locations are very convenient and they’re designed with referrals in mind.  To pick up my meals I have to go to a 24 hour gym called World Health Club.  Included in my meal plan from Fresh Fit Foods was a free trial to that gym.  Since I’m already there every two days do you think it was hard for the gym to get me try out their service?  Nope.

What I love about this is that both of these businesses have the same customer: people that are trying to lose weight.  So why not align your business with someone that serves the same clientele?

Welcome to referral nirvana!

How does that work for photography?  It’s easier than you may realize.  You’re actually already doing it all the time.  When you go to a wedding you’re paid by the bride and groom.  They’ve actually forked over cash for you to be there.

But their guests didn’t pay a penny.  Neither did the bridal party or the florist or the hotel manager or the wedding planner.  Not a single one of them paid for you to be there.  But you are there and you probably took photos that they would like to get their hands on.  You’ve already got shots of the flowers, the table settings, the venue, etc.

Wedding planners, venue managers and florists all need images of their services for their future clients.  They need to blog their work, maintain their social media and build brochures to gain new clients.  All of that takes pictures.

This is where you come in.

What if, instead of giving a free taste test to your customers, you did it for people who can influence your customers?  These people know a lot of brides and can drop your name so that you can intercept them before they start googling other photographers.   That’s how a referral pimp gets things done.

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