CPC Revisited | Review from Brianna and Ewan eof Last 40 Percent Boudoir

Last year’s speakers, Brianna and Ewan from Last 40 Percent Boudoir, give us a short recap of their experiences at CPC and what they love about the event and what makes it different from other photography conventions.

We were in a different city. A different time zone. We were the opening talk for Canada Photo Convention 2014. It was at 9am. Our alarm was set for early, but with the time change, we were up no later than 5:30am. Laying there. Unable to sleep. Waiting to get up in front of a group of photographers and talk about something that we love so much. Boudoir.

We love teaching. We love watching our attendees push themselves after they leave one of our workshops or talks. We love helping people find their place in this industry. Giving them the tools they need to stand out and push beyond what they thought they could do. And this was our opportunity to share our passion for boudoir with a larger audience. An audience where many had not shot much boudoir before.

Once we were up there speaking though, it seemed like we were just talking to a bunch of friends. That’s what we love about CPC so much. A great conference celebrating Canadian and International talent. A place where you do feel like you are among a bunch of old friends even if you don’t know everyone’s name when you first get there. You will by the time you leave. A true credit to Jasser, who puts this convention on. We can’t wait to go back and speak again in the future!

We have had a lot of requests from people to see the slideshow that we opened our talk with. So we thought we would share it all with you!

To see out more of The Last 40 Percent Boudoir’s work, check out their site here!



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