Dave and Abby on The Power of Referrals

In a world saturated with wedding photographers, what do you do to try and stand out? While many options are available to us there is one way that helps get us land the job AND feel great – the sought-after referral. Who better to tell how great you are as a wedding photographer than former clients and guests?

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Recently I ‘sat down’ with Dave and Abby to talk about their wedding photographer experiences. If you are a wedding photographer, marketing is definitely something you think about regularly, and definitely will in the future as well. Abby and Dave said that they get about 60% of their weddings from referrals (and a good majority of the rest from website SEO and working with wedding photographers) and revealed that none of their business comes from magazine advertisements.

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They absolutely LOVE photographing weddings in the mountains. I mean…who doesn’t? Their clientele is a mix of really outdoorsy travel people and young urban professionals, such as engineers. Their absolutely favourite wedding to photograph is a rustic outdoor wedding with an outdoor reception. In fact, they hardly ever photograph inside a church.

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Another aspect of how they stand out is that 80% of their couples walk away with a wedding album in their hands. There is nothing like holding your wedding images in your hand and being able to share your images with your friends and family.

When asked what workshops they have taken and loved to learn from they eagerly said the Chrisman Workshop and Matt and Katie (and Dave said he has also attended the Foundation workshop in the past as well). However, one workshop that stood out in their memory wasn’t actually a wedding-based workshop: it was an actor’s workshop that taught them how to get emotions out of people.

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After talking about what they photographed, the conversation easily slipped into their photography wish list. They would absolutely be thrilled to photograph weddings in Iceland, Italy, and Scandenavia – as long as it is not on a resort on a beach.

Their favorite lenses to use are 35 and 85 most of time (for Dave). They also use the 70-200 and the 50 but mostly are all over all prime lens. When asked about lens choice during the ceremony, we got into the conversation about fear. As wedding photographers, we see the shot but gotta close. That means we need to get over our fear and get in and get out.

Eryn and Jamie's Wedding

Dave and Abby shoot Nikon. They used to photograph separately but they are celebrating their 5th year of shooting together as a couple. They have discovered together that your clients feed off of what you are doing. For example, if you are smiling and laughing and having a great time on the dance floor (while shooting) your energy will transcend to the guests. The results are great, emotionally-charged images.

Photographing as a couple can have its drawbacks but somehow Dave and Abby make it look so easy. They are together a lot as they work out of their home but being recently married it makes it all smiles and giggles.

To see more of their awesome work, check out their website here.


Article by Barbara Cameron.


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