Gabe “the Yeti Hunter” McClintock


Speaking at CPC2015 Toronto

About Gabe:

I am fascinated with human connections. I am an observer. A dreamer. A traveler. I am a husband and most importantly I am a Dad to two little girls. I capture the connections between people and the connection within yourself. My name is Gabe McClintock and I am deeply grateful for this life. My couples and most importantly my family allow me to live.


About the presentation:

After years of extensive practice with Appalachian yeti hunting, I have gained a unique perspective on the subtle and temperamental art of underwater basket weaving. In my presentation, I’ll be expounding upon my methods for unicorn diving, rainbow chasing, and most importantly, teaching you how to claim things as your own by licking them (people included).

You should walk away from my presentation feeling renewed, invigorated, and most importantly, with a deeper understanding of the mating habits of the African Pygmy Hedgehog. Because man are those little buggers cute.

My talk will also be interactive, so please make sure to bring 3 toothpicks, a length of hose, green, some Dixie cups, and the dignity you left behind at last Saturday night’s party. (Pants are, however, optional.)

All hail the mighty glow cloud. All hail.

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