Jennifer Moher – Canadian Top 30 Wedding Photographer


Jennifer Moher is one of our Top 30 under 30 featured photographers.

Here’s a little bit more about her, what she does, and some of her best advice:


Tell us how you got started in photography.
I was actually quite lost before I discovered photography. I was attending university for psychology, in hope of becoming a teacher. I then had my first daughter which coincided with my “aha” moment and I quickly registered my domain name, bought a camera, googled and you-tubed everything I possibly could, and started shooting weddings the following year! I can’t imagine doing anything else now!


Now that you are one of Canada’s top 30 under 30 wedding photographers, what’s next for you?
Hmmm Top 40 under 40! I would really love to carry on teaching and motivating others. I had a lot of drive when I first got started and I love to help others find that within themselves!


How has attending photography seminars or photo conventions such as the Canada Photo Convention benefited you as a photographer?
It’s been a massive benefit! The networking alone is worth it. I have met SO many incredible people from CPC and we have become a really close community. It is also so wonderful and inspiring to hear others talk about how they do things in their businesses.


What does it mean to you personally to be a young wedding photographer in Canada?
Canada breeds the most wicked human beings! I love the people I work with and feel so lucky to shoot in such insanely gorgeous landscapes!


Tell us about a pinch-me moment that you had where you just couldn’t believe that this became your life.
Sleeping in one morning, waking up next to Hugh, looking around our lovely little log cabin on the lake, getting excited to sit down at our desks together and start working. We have these moments every day and feel so lucky to have the jobs we have. Multiple times throughout our day we just look at each other and are like “Is this real life!?”


What’s one thing you would say to another photographer that’s just getting started?
Make friends with absolutely everyone and don’t be a jerk. Connections are key in this industry, for referrals, support, inspiration, knowledge, everything.





To see more of Jennifer’s work, check out her website here.

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