Jonetsu Studios interviewed by The Lonely Photographers podcast

Vancouver’s own Jonetsu Studios and Canon Northern Explorers of Light will be speaking at CPC2014 about the FIVE THINGS YOU CAN DO TO UP YOUR GAME IN 2014.  You can hear a recent interview with them on The Lonely Photographers podcast and learn more about them.  One of the most important things they discuss during this interview is how and when to say NO…politely of course. It’s a hard decision to make sometimes especially when it involves a client or an opportunity but sometimes it’s necessary so that you can concentrate on the commitments that need your attention the most. To hear the interview click HERE. JONETSU_Vancouver_Photographer05   JONETSU_Vancouver_Photographer02   JONETSU_Vancouver_Photographer01   JONETSU_Vancouver_Photographer06   JONETSU_Vancouver_Photographer04 JONETSU_Vancouver_Photographer07 JONETSU_Vancouver_Photographer03   JONETSU_Vancouver_Photographer00

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