Karma pays for kind photographer

Michigan photographer Dana Gruszynski open her heart to a couple who’s photographer didn’t show up to their wedding.  She heard about the couple’s misfortune and decided to offer them a free shoot to create at least some wedding portraits for them.  She’s been seen as a hero and a good Samaritan by news outlets and the story has gone viral with thousands of shares.  We don’t know why the original photographer didn’t show up to their wedding but we applaud Dana for being such a kind photographer and a nice person.

Since that time, Dana has received over 800 emails and half of them were inquiries from other couples looking to book Dana for their wedding according to her article in PetaPixel.  Clearly,   Dana was just trying to help the couple in need but unexpectedly she ended up with enough inquiries to fill her calendar and then some.  A kind photographer like Dana shouldn’t go seeking viral attention, but they likely won’t need to.



These days everyone is trying to go viral.  But Dana didn’t try.  She did it naturally.  Just by being a kind photographer, Dana was able to help a couple in need and Karma has paid her back for that.


Why did this go viral?  People love a good heartfelt story.  Our newsfeed are constantly being bombarded with tragic stories and horrible or even hateful status updates.  People crave sharing something that’s inspiring.

This September we shared with you a story about a photographer in Ohio that dropped everything and captured a few photos of two dads walking down the aisle with their daughter.  Both of these stories are uplifting and cheerful.  They also come with pictures.

It’s hard for any news to gain traction online nowadays without a photo to prove it.  Photos pull people in.  They create clickbait essentially.  If you’re a photographer that wants to generate some social media buzz be on the lookout for moments like this and have photos to prove it.

We as photographers give a lot of flack to people who work for free.  The problem is that there’s a lot of people who donate their work and expect something back in return.  If you’re going to donate your time then do just that.  Don’t expect there to be any monetary return even if they promise you a “ton of exposure”.  Those promises almost never come through.  What Dana did here though is different than that.  She just wanted to help out a couple in need.

The next time you come across an opportunity to help you may want to just listen to your gut instinct and go for it.  The world might just pay you back for it.

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