Kat Rizza – Canadian Top 30 Wedding Photographer


Kat Rizza is one of our Top 30 under 30 featured photographers.

Here’s a little bit more about her, what she does, and some of her best advice:


Tell us how you got started in photography.
I went to school for photojournalism which I loved because the program was taught by passionate professors who were part of a golden age of news photography. There were no shortcuts, no easy critiques and praise was earned. I didn’t actually graduate because in the summer before second-year, I was offered a photography-related job that I couldn’t pass up. For two years, I worked with a non-profit organization; running a photography & digital media after school program for undeserved kids in Toronto. It was such a blast! I have a history of wacky jobs so this was my first job with real responsibility. While I was doing that during the day, I was freelancing all over the place – doing any kind of photo gig that came my way and shooting creatives with friends. Eventually a friend asked me to shoot her wedding and as soon as I showed up at the venue, I knew I had found something special.


Now that you are one of Canada’s top 30 under 30 wedding photographers, what’s next for you?
Hmm. I’m going to keep shooting tons of weddings! Both locally and internationally. I have lots of things on my to do list(s) and one is to get better at networking/staying in touch but I have myself on a demanding schedule and it’s hard to cram more in.


How has attending photography seminars or photo conventions such as the Canada Photo Convention benefited you as a photographer?
My first photography conference was CPC2013 in Vancouver and it changed my life. There were great speakers that year and they confirmed what I was starting to suspect – that there is no right way to do things but when you find a way that works for you, work/life can be so good. I was very inspired when I returned to Toronto and after that, everything seemed to fall into place.


What does it mean to you personally to be a young wedding photographer in Canada?
I feel extremely lucky to be a young, full-time wedding photographer in Canada. I feel like I’m part of a very talented, motivated and savvy group and even though I don’t know too many Canadian (wedding) photographers personally (mostly just through Instagram), I somehow feel like we’re all supporting each other silently.


Tell us about a pinch-me moment that you had where you just couldn’t believe that this became your life.
My goal has always been to shoot destination weddings and the moment I booked my first one I wanted to tell everybody I knew. I shared the good news on Facebook and said that it was my “first of many” and I am proud to say that it actually turned out to be true! :)


What’s one thing you would say to another photographer that’s just getting started?
If you’re just starting with photography: shoot a lot a lot a lot.

If you’re just starting in a photography business: learn some business skills.






To see more of Kat’s work, check out her website here.




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