Photo Game Changers – Episode 15 – Aron Goss – Be Prepared: Location Scouting

Aron Goss talks with Twyla about the idea and inspiration behind Scoutt, how to be aware of popular locations and venues and how to use it to your advantage to book more clients and connect with other photographers around the world. He also talks about how important it is for him to balance his photography business with his family life.


BIO: Toronto based wedding photographer for the past ten years, Aron Goss has been published in major wedding publications such as Elegant Wedding Magazine. Shooting those special moments in backyards and barns make Aron’s artistic heart happy. He has created a community based location scouting platform where photographers can find and share previously used locations around the world, connecting Photographers in over 140 countries from around the world to find and share new fantastic locations to shoot.

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