Photo Game Changers – Episode 7 – Ben Chernivsky- Be a Better Person

Join Jasser and Ben as they talk about continuing education, learning, working with a mentor and how it motivates Ben to keep going and improving his business. They also chat about Ben’s new and innovative GIFYYY booth and how easy, awesome and fun it is.

Ben Chernivsky BW

BIO: Basically Ben Chernivsky is a really curious midwesterner who has traveled the world, attended 3 colleges over a 9 year period, a creative writing major, an ex-camp counselor, a massive dreamer, and an absolute lover of education. He is the owner of This Is Feeling Photography Studio, a studio collective of 4 creative wedding photographers. I am also the CEO and founder of Gifyyy Photo Booth. He was mentored under the loving wings of Steve Saporito. He lives with his lovely wife of 5 years, and 4 month young daughter Ella out in the super plain Chicago suburbs.

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Intuition to Succeed Academy

GIFYYY Photo Booth

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