Photo Game Changers – Episode 45 – CHRISTINA CRAFT – OUT OF THE ASHES

Christina Craft @funkytownphotography chats with Jasser about SEO marketing, Google changes and how she has adapted her strategy to go along with the newest changes in online marketing platforms.

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BIO: Christina quit a ladder-climbing career in marketing and PR to go back to school for photography. It changed her life. She In the last 10 years she has photographed hundreds of weddings and thousands of people all over the world. Her claim to fame – taking group shots faster than a speeding bullet. Her motto is “whatever works,” and she has tons of crazy hacks to take photos in the ugliest light and any visual mess. She has won 22 Lifetime fearless awards, placed in the top 10 with the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. Plus, the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada ranked her #2 in the country in 2012 and #3 in the country in 2014. Christina is so crazy about monkeys that she spends half the year in Costa Rica. It’s not the world’s best market for wedding photography… but there is a shit ton of monkeys to photograph so she doesn’t care! A few years ago she went through a divorce which meant photographing couples in love while going through heartbreak and depression, not to mention adjusting to a single income. Last year she found herself in $30,000 in credit card debt so she doubled her workload, said yes to almost everything, and paid the whole thing off. After feeling completely burned out she decided something needed to change, so she hired an associate photographer and an office manager, plus she now outsources 90% of her editing so she can focus more on marketing and shooting.

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