Photo Game Changers – Episode 20 – Haley Shandro – The Show Must Go On

Haley Shandro talks with Jasser about dissolving her business partnership with her husband and also how she has transitioned the business to being her own while taking care of all of their customers as well as her family. Haley also talks about introducing boudoir photography into her business and how much it has grown in a very short period of time.

Haley Shandro QUOTE

BIO: Haley Shandro is the Girl Boss/Head Photographer/Owner/President of Shandro Photo, a boutique wedding photography studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

She has been photographing weddings since 2006! She’s spoken at WPPI, been featured by WedLuxe, and has shot all over the place. Mostly she’s known for being short, adorable, organized, obsessed with Hawaii, and a lover of Pinot Grigio.

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