The Game Changers Podcast Intro With Jasser & Twyla

Introducing GameChangers


Join Jasser & Twyla in this episode as they talk about the podcast format, what they plan to achieve with the Canada Photo Convention and how the Wolfpack got it’s name.  

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About Twyla:

Twyla Lapointe has her fingers in the pie of three companies:  Admire Studios, Last Resort, and the Canada Photo Convention. She loves the safe space and artist collective that CPC is becoming, and is currently falling back in love with her photography company (which offers boudoir, weddings, and corporate services). She is a happily married recovering workaholic whose ambitions include finally making that trip to Italy she’s always dreamed of, having a large family (consisting of children and dogs) and reading all the books on her bookshelf. Oh, and being a successful entrepreneur, but that was really inevitable. She was selling things to neighbours – complete with order forms – when she was 9.

About Jasser:

I’m the founder, host and business coach at the Canada Photo Convention.  An event that started with just 89 Canadian Photographers one year in Vancouver and exploded to 230 photographers from around the globe the next year primarily due to the power of word of mouth marketing.  I’m very proud to have been called an entrepreneur, a teacher, a caregiver, an animal lover, a shit disturber and photography’s Oprah.


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