Photo Game Changers – Episode 10 – Jim & Vicky Pollard – Combining Passion and Business

When Jim Pollard was faced with losing the job he hated, he made what he thought, was the obvious choice – leave the job that was going to end eventually and take on their Photography business full time to support his family. Along with Jasser, Jim and his wife, Vicky, the incredible support behind the scenes, also talk about how passionate they are about finding unique and different locations to shoot, a top priority.

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BIO: Jim and Vicky a couple of married rogues. They live, with their kids Toby, Charli and Moosedog, in a little house they built themselves halfway between a river and a mountain top, in NZ (the Canada of the South Pacific). Jim is from the wilds of Devon, England (think Hound of the Baskervilles) and Vicky is from farmland (think The Shire), in Canterbury, NZ. They met whilst working in the snow in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

They’ve been in the wedding photography game for about 3 and a bit years. They’ve created a bit of a reputation as covering weddings with adventurous and like minded couples in extraordinary far flung places, typically mountainous ones. Placed a few pretty pics in a few international comps, been featured here and there and last year gained a spot in Rangefinder Top 30 Rising Stars – which is all very nice.

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