Photo Game Changers – Episode 14 – KELLY REDINGER – BEING PREPARED PAYS

Kelly and Jasser talk about changing your mindset to achieve your goals and the importance of  clear communication with clients to make them feel confident that they are being taken care of in all situations – even desperate ones.

Kelly Redinger quote

BIO: Hailing from the chilly metropolis of Edmonton, Alberta, Kelly is a seasoned pro in the photography biz. He started in the industry before digital cameras were even a thing, and has gone on to see his work displayed in blogs, magazines, movies and tv shows from around the world, and a few images even made it onto his mother-in-laws’ fridge. And despite this, he prefers to fly a little under the radar, and focus more on pleasing his clients than on garnering fame. To date, he ranks his greatest professional achievement to the simple fact that he has been a professional photographer since 2001, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

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Music Credit: Broke for Free – Something Elated

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