Photo Game Changers – Episode 38 – KYLE HEPP – BRANCH OUT & DIVERSIFY

Kyle Hepp @kylehepp chats with Jasser about how she manages to run her gym business while continuing to travel for wedding photography. She also talks about diversity in the Photography industry and why it’s important to seek out a wide range of individuals to be showcased.

Kyle hepp QUOTEBIO: I’m a normal wedding photographer who used great marketing to book weddings throughout South America, the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Oceania. The only continents I’m missing are Africa and Antartica! I’ve spoke at big photography conferences and workshops in Chile, Argentina and Brazil and I’ll be speaking for the first time in English at CPC this year! Now I’ve also opened a CrossFit gym and have used the exact same marketing principles to grow it as I did with my photography business. In less than a year the gym is covering expenses and more, I employ 8 people and we now have almost 200 members.

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