Photo Game Changers – Episode 68 – LAYNE BECKNER GRIME – GO FURTHER, GO DEEPER

Layne Beckner Grime @jonolaynie chats with Jasser about about how they’ve changed their blogs to include a series of different categories when they need content for their blogs such as ‘date night Thursdays’, ‘wedding tip Mondays’, or ‘silly Saturdays’ – and it’s really upped their game.

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BIO: Layne loves reading, writing, wine, her overalls and baking cookies-she’s used the same recipe for her chocolate chip cookies since she was 8. Jonathan loves watching YouTube videos, snowboarding and extreme adventures.

We both love travel, ultimate frisbee, date nights, homemade food, and live music. And we love (love, love) photography and videography.

We believe in excellence in all we do, in God, in lifelong friendships. We believe we can all leave the world a better place and that love wins. We believe everyone has a story and that your story matters.

With a combined two decades of professional photography and videography experience, we are committed to documenting you and your loved ones with creativity and quality.

We can’t wait to hear about your journey and capture the essence of you; meet us for coffee later this week and let’s make a plan to tell your story with our media.

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The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell

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