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So I pretty much peed my pants when I found out I got to interview Wyn Wiley, I mean come on, its WYN WILEY. He’s a pretty freaking fantastic person. I randomly met Wyn online about a year and a half ago, and we chatted through the evening about the most ridiculously random things possible, it was at that point that I knew this guy would go places. He has an amazing spark for life, and the ability to make even strangers love him within seconds of conversation!

Along with a handful of other incredibly inspiring photographers, Wyn will be speaking at CPC 2015 and I couldn’t be more excited about this!

Read on for some entertaining Q and A!

First off, tell us about home, both the city and the walls that currently surround you!
I live in Lincoln, Nebraska where I was born and raised. Lincoln is an awesome college town with about a quarter of a million people and is surrounded by lots of nature and farms for hundreds of miles. #corn #cows but for real though. The actual house I live in is in the heart of the city in an old historic neighborhood- it’s fun! I love Nebraska!

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Tell us about a typical weekday for you!
Get up, the morning scroll (facebook, insta twitter- you know you do it too), say hi to the roommates, go work out, get lunch with a friend, edit or shoot, then at night do something fun with friends or by myself. I eat a lot of twizzlers throughout the day too.

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What did you want to be when you grew up?
I always just wanted to have a career with freedom, traveling and something where I could be extremely creative. For a long time I wanted to be a professional musician, then I sort of traded that passion for music with photography as the momentum with my business kept growing. I thought it would always be incredible to teach too (which hey- I get to do a bit here at CPC! woop!)

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How did you get into photography?
When i was 16 I stole my dad’s DSLR he got for himself for Christmas and started taking photos of grass blades and flowers and other #basic things. We all start somewhere right? My love for photography really picked up when I started photographing my three cats my family had at the time. They were the perfect models, never complained and loved ever photo I took. Then I started shooting my friends, neighbors, seniors, weddings etc and it stuck. I loved it. I got to love on people, meet new people and create art. I just love people and photography.

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Tell us about why you have decided to focus your attention to seniors?
So I get asked this question a lot and the simple answer is they rock. They are the BEST humans. They are hungry for life and for an adventure, love doing something new and creative, don’t have egos, and really appreciate the art we make together. Also, there is NOTHING like seeing a seniors face when they look at a photo on the back of my camera and often see themselves as beautiful for the first time in their life.

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How do you feel your images represent who you are as a person?
I like feeling all the feels. I hope my images can do the same.

Who and what inspires your amazing work?
My clients and the people I work with are definitely a huge inspiration to my work. Also, cinema inspires me too. #wesanderson am i right?!!!

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What motivates you to improve yourself as an artist?
That my clients and the art I make deserves my best effort.

What interests you in teaching and inspiring other photographers?
I think that education is awesome and that we can all learn a bit from each other. I also find teaching and public speaking a HUGE challenge to do well and no doubt it makes me a tad nervous. BUTTTT- I know that when I get nervous about something that it’s something worth doing.

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Tell us about your topic for CPC 2015:
So I’ll be talking about my approach to portraiture and senior photography. I’m stoked about those topics!

  • I love portraits and capturing bits of who people are in photos so I’ll be sharing the best knowledge I can about how to get to that next level of understanding your subject and translating that into killer portraits.
  • I love creating vibes for portraits with location + working natural light + styling & fashion so I’ll be talking some about that.
  • I’ll also talk about senior photography as an industry- where it is and where I think it’s going.

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Bucketlist of a person, place or thing to photograph:
Beyonce. of course. place, Beyonce’s mansion. of course. thing to photograph, statue of Beyonce. of course.

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What is the greatest piece of advice you have ever received?
Always remember those who helped you. Deliver two or three times as much value back.

What is your absolute favourite thing in the world apart from photography…and cats?
Well first of all the way you Canadians spell favourite. Other than that- food. chips and salsa. all the way.

Where would you go in a time travel machine?
The day the taco was invented.

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What is one thing in life you have avoided out of fear? Will you ever do this thing?
Ooooo. That’s #deep. Hmmm….probably abandoning parts of who I am. And yes, probably.

Finally, what is one random thing that most people don’t know about you?
I used to competitively figure skate for 7 years. Ayooooooo.

Thank you SO much Wyn! We are all really looking forward to meeting you in flesh and hearing you speak! See you in April!

To see more of Wyn’s awesome work, check out his website here.

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Article by Jennifer Moher.



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