Testimonial Abby + Dave Moss


Abby + Dave Moss of Abby Plus Dave:

What did you think of CPC?

We have been going to CPC since we first heard of the convention through friends in it’s first year. Each time we go, not only do we learn something new that we can apply to our business, we also get to reconnect with and meet new friends in our industry. CPC helps us to learn, get inspired, and grow both as individuals and photographers. We’ve thought about attending other conventions, but we don’t feel that we’d get as strong a sense of community as we find at CPC.

We feel like our work and business has made huge leaps in the past three years and we have much of what we’ve learned at CPC to thank for that. We’ve also met truly inspiring photographers whose workshops we later attended, which again helped us push through walls in our work. We’d definitely recommend this convention for anyone wanting to connect with their community, push their business and their work further, and generally have a fun and inspiring time.

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