Testimonial – Jennifer Armstrong


Jennifer Armstrong of Jennifer Armstrong Photography:

Have you attended one of Jasser’s workshops or Conferences before?

Yes, I attended both CPC Vancouver 2015 and Victoria Workshop!

What did you think of CPC?

I just came home from Jasser’s business workshop in Victoria & wow, I learned a LOT. Going into my 6th year shooting full time & I’m so grateful to finally be given such incredibly helpful advice on how to better run my business, track the money coming in & going out, how to look at my business priorities, how to spend money wisely so that what’s going out is contributing to more coming in. And all of it presented in a way that was easy to digest & implement. Jasser is incredibly supportive, humble, engaging, honest & an open book about all he has learned over his years in business. Kelsey Goodwin was a fabulous addition to the workshop with loads of helpful information about how to price & present wedding packages. My advice… take.the.workshop.

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