Testimonial – Mathieu Louis-Seize


Mathieu Louis-Seize of Green Tea Photography:

What did you think of CPC?

Back in 2011 CPC was a turning point in our adventure with photography and one of the best decisions we had ever made.

Not only did we get to meet an absolute superstar line up of photographers and network like synapses on a developing mind, but we had one of the hands down best times of our lives while taking in *SO* much information that it allowed us to take our understanding, methods, business model and passion for photography to a whole new level. Best of all we made more lifelong friends in 3 days than all of high-school and university combined. These people know how to party and we all have at least one thing in common – a sincere, deep and utterly raw love for what we do.

Can’t wait to attend CPC 2015 this year!

Matt (and Ann)
Green Tea Photography

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