Testimonial – Melissa Baker


Melissa Baker of Bake Photography:

Have you attended one of Jasser’s workshops or Conferences before?

Yes, I attended both CPC Vancouver 2015 and Vancouver Workshop.

What did you think of CPC?

This will be my third year attending CPC. Every year I meet so many wonderful people, learn how to improve my business, and become inspired and ready to take on the wedding season with excitement! The presentations are well-rounded for all areas of photography, and the information and resources are invaluable. Attending this conference every year has made me a better photographer, and confident small business owner. In my opinion, this conference is not to be missed! Jasser is nothing short of AMAZING! Whether you attend one of his workshops, or have him as a business coach, he has so many strategies and resources that are tailored to your business. I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in both areas and he has helped me to get ready for a successful 2015 wedding season! Thank-you Jasser! You are a lifesaver!

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