Kymberlie Dozois: Top 30 Under 30 in 2016

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I picked up a DSLR for the first time 6 years ago after my daughter was born. My love of photographing her quickly grew into something more and I began challenging myself, soaking in inspiration and trying to learn as much as I possibly could. Photography has been a way for me to capture the deep love that flows through out my life, and the wonderful, chaotic moments that make life so incredibly beautiful.


Tell us what your one must-have piece of gear is and why:

My sigma 35mm lens, it’s on my camera 80% of the time. I love the perspective it captures.


Tell us what your one must-have piece of software is and why:

As much as I need my editing software, I absolutely love Sprout Studio. Without studio management software I’d be a lost cause.


What’s your advice for someone just starting out?

Be inspired by the photographers around you, you have so much to learn and offer each other. The best thing you can do is create community, not competition.


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