Mark Willis: Top 30 Under 30 in 2016



I was born, raised and currently live in the small town of Minnedosa, Manitoba. I started photography in high school about 12 years ago, and learned the basics of exposure using a canon AE-1 program film SLR.
I do my best to find a unique way to showcase my work from a different prospective, weather that means being in a lake, a pool, or up in a tree, I do whatever I can to make a tell a story in a unique, and fun way.


Tell us what your one must-have piece of gear is and why:

I would say my 1 piece of gear that I need is my 70-200 lens. I use this for probably about 80% of my shots through a wedding day, so I definitely love this lens!


Tell us what your one must-have piece of software is and why:

I would have to say Photoshop on this one. Its my go to for most of my work flow, and have gotten it down so that my editing time is nearly as fast as all of those photographers out there using Lightroom… :P


What’s your advice for someone just starting out?

Instead of letting great photographers work discourage you, use it to motivate you. So many photographers compare themselves to other awesome photographers out there, and end up feeling like they are not as good. I think every photographer has been there at one point in their career, and its so important to use it as a positive, instead of a negative!


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