Tony Donovan: Top 30 Under 30 in 2016



I was born and raised on a farm in Rural Manitoba. When I graduated from high school I moved to the big, scary city to pursue post-secondary education in Conflict Resolution. Upon completion I spent several years working in non-profit organizations supporting adults living with a wide range of disAbilities (the capital “A” is intentional) and mental illnesses. I knew from my education and time working with amazing people that capturing and remembering stories was imperative to maintaining identity. Pairing this drive to preserve stories along with a developing interest in photography, it felt incredibly natural when I fell into the career path of wedding photography. I currently have two beautiful children and an amazing wife who are amazing supporters of me and my interests and waaaaaaay cooler than me.

Tell us what your one must-have piece of gear is and why:

Magmod light modifiers are amazing. They are incredible tools that are so easy to pair with speed lights to help take painting with light to a whole new level. Night photography went from scary, to my absolute favourite times to shoot. The looks on the couples faces when they see how incredibly you can capture their love story is AWESOME!!!!!!


Tell us what your one must-have piece of software is and why:

Like most people, Lightroom makes up 95% of my workflow. But if I could only have one piece of software I would take Photoshop without hesitation. It’s much more time consuming, but soooooooo much more powerful.


What’s your advice for someone just starting out?

Don’t be afraid to take crappy photos. Coming up with groundbreaking work comes from leaving your comfort zone and trying new things. In that quest to find the new and exciting, many horrible photos will be taken. And each one is a free learning tool to figure out how to get better.


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