Lanny and Erika Mann – Shooting in the Rockies

Location should not matter when photographing weddings… good photographers can make the best out of any location. However, what happens when you have and extraordinary location paired with phenomenal photographers? We call it: Rockies meet the Mann’s. Their images will blow your mind, but shooting in the Rockies comes with it’s own set of unique challenges.


The Rockies has become a destination of choice for brides all over the globe. In winter or summer the majestic mountains provide an amazing backdrop, making The Canadian Rockies a mecca for weddings in Canada.


Despite the amazing backdrop, shooting in the Rockies isn’t all Champagne and Strawberries. Sub zero temperatures, weather that’s different from one minute to the next, and harsh light can create some challenging situations. The Mann’s have shot in many scenarios, from an e-sessions in -38 degrees celcius, to ceremonies in the pouring rain. It’s situations like these that actually fuel them.  This is when they step out of their comfort zone and shoot in creative ways to tell the unique stories of the day. 


Mountain Brides love to get married out doors…. is it any wonder why? However, ceremonies are usually at high noon. Furthermore, shooting in the Rockies means that you are never able to take advantage of the sun when it’s low in the horizon. One way to counteract this is to get high up into the foothills. This, as you can imagine, is not as easy task. Additionally, photographers shooting in the national parks need appropriate licensing, so be aware of this if you are a photographer who travels to destinations.  


An engagement session within the Rockies are a time for the Mann’s to swing for the fence and get creative. With no time restraints, and a hardy bride-and-groom-to-be (not afraid to get a little dirty) they are able to take in the full environment and use it to its potential. 


The Mann’s have recently learned that the more they can simplify their thinking the better. They carry one camera and maybe two lenses for these sessions. The hardest part usually is the weather; snow, cold, mist and dealing with frozen body parts . The equipment is typically the best behaved.  They step up to the challenge as well as their couples. It goes without saying, the people who are getting married in the mountains, want the mountains a part of their imagery.  They simply need to adapt to the environment and overcome any challenges.


Another unique situation the Mann’s have to deal with is tourists. The Rockies are an amazing destination, even for people not getting married. However, the Mann’s have learned to use tourists, just like everything else on a wedding day has storytelling potential. 



Whether or not you are hired to photograph a Rockies Wedding, be prepared to face a different set of challenges at every wedding you photograph. Having a solid contract and an eclectic arsenal of technical skill behind you is definitely the way to start. 


To see more work from TwoMann Studios, check out their website here.

Article by Barbara Cameron.

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