Kristyn Harder

About Kristyn:
Hi there! I’m Kristyn, a wedding photographer based out of Calgary, AB! I was given my first DSLR as a gift in high school, and since then I knew that being a photographer was what I wanted and needed to do. I attended the Photographic Technology program at NAIT, and have been photographing couples in love full time since graduating in 2013! I absolutely adore what I do, and feel extremely lucky to capture such amazing moments for my clients. I would describe my style as classic, natural and just “pretty!” I love highlighting the bride and her glow on a wedding day, as well as those sweet little looks and moments between the bride, groom and their loved ones.

Tell us what your one must-have piece of gear is and why:
Hands down my must-have piece of gear is my Nikkor 85 1.4G! It's the most amazing lens I've ever owned, and I rarely take it off my camera. The bokeh it creates is gorgeous, and I feel the perspective it gives has become a part of my signature style.

Tell us what your one must-have piece of software is and why:
I Love Adobe Lightroom. I cull, size and do my first round of editing all in LR. I love the many functions that it has, and it keeps things simple and organized for me (since I need the help!)

Provide one tip you wish you knew when you were first starting out:
I wish I would have realized that it's okay to need help. I tried doing everything myself, and I didn't really reach out to other photographers or join any groups. Looking back, I would have shadowed more people and been willing to admit that there were certain things I just didn't know or understand!