Melissa Johnston

About Melissa:
I’m an energetic redhead born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. Photography lets me speak in a way that I see the world in my head and I am so humbled to have called this my job for the last 7 years. I’m on a wild but beautiful ride that I call life alongside my bearded husband and blue eyed 2 year old. We live a simple life in the country side where you can find me feeding our chickens or sitting in the yard with a cup of coffee dreaming about my next adventure.

Tell us what your one must-have piece of gear is and why:
I LOVE and couldn't go without my Canon 35mm 1.4 L series lens. It is by far the most versatile lens in my bag and yields sharp images that I find are the most similar to the human eye.

Tell us what your one must-have piece of software is and why:
So most people will laugh at me and call me ancient but I cannot part with Bridge. It's what I started using years ago and what I am most familiar with. I have a love/hate relationship with Lightroom and often have staring competitions with it's little icon on my desktop.

Provide one tip you wish you knew when you were first starting out:
BE YOURSELF. Stop comparing yourself to others. Your art reflects who you are and when you come to terms with that - life is SO much more fulfilling.