Viral Photos Backfire

A short time ago I shared my opinion about the quick reaction of Ohio photographer Dalia Blackburn.  She was shooting a wedding when a touching moment occurred between the bride’s two fathers.  You can read the full post HERE.  At first everything seemed rosy.  A few weeks after the wedding though things turned sour.

The internet can bite.  As with other viral photos and stories, sometimes people get upset.  In this case it was the family of the bride.  Dalia told fox news that one of the fathers accused her of profiting off of the images.  She certainly got a lot of attention but she denies that she’s sold the photos to media outlets.  Their other frustration is that Dalia delayed delivering her images and still at this time has not given them the pictures.  The family of the bride took to Dalia’s facebook page and left hurtful and threatening comments.  If you’d like to read more about the backlash checkout THIS article by fstoppers.


The whole thing leaves me wondering if it’s even worth going viral?  Clearly in this case the photographer didn’t intend to create viral photos.  It just sort of happened.  Nonetheless sometimes all that media attention can be the last thing you want to happen.  So this leaves us with a dilemma as growing photographers.  Do we avoid the spotlight, or do we keep sharing our work and hope that we’ll get attention?

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