What?? You’re Pregnant!!

You are pregnant and you photograph weddings for a living. Your mind is a mix of excitement and worry all at the same time. You should quit, right? No!  Unless there’s a medical reason to.

There are some things you can do to help make shooting weddings easier and not let your clients receive less than stellar imagery or customer service.
Davina Kudish is the one half of Daniel & Davina, who are an amazing wedding photography duo in Canada. Each photographer is great in their own right but together, they are a powerful force armed with cameras. Highly respected in the photographer community, they are also highly sought after by their clients. They are also new parents. 
davina 11 PHOTO credit daniel kudish

In a recent interview, Davina gave 10 excellent tips for the expecting wedding photographer:

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We’d like to congratulate Davina and Daniel on the birth of their healthy son, Max!
To view Davina and Daniel’s absolutely breathtaking  work, visit their website here.  
Are you a photographer that’s currently or was recently expecting?  We’d love to start a conversation and here you’re tips.  Did it change your perspective or the way you shoot?  Or did you find it didn’t affect you and you were able to shoot as you normally did?  This is a big topic and we know a lot of other photographers could use your advice.  This list certainly isn’t all inclusive so tell us share your thoughts with us.  Please add a comment below the post and share your tips.  We’d love to hear from you. 

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